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Hello .... Thanks for stopping by. This is my personal piece of the internet where I play and experiment with graphic and website design. I enjoy making candy for the eyes and this is where you can see and use many, many of my graphics on your personal or non-profit websites. The only thing better than creating a beautiful graphic is seeing it being used and enjoyed by another.

You will find background tiles and web sets for use in building your pages, graphics for siggies, poser tubes and much more. They are graphics of my own design using several different programs. If an artist image is used in a web set, permission has been requested and granted for use of the image in the graphic set.

Please read the terms of use before using anything taken from this site. If you have any questions about the terms please feel free to contact me.

Please DO NOT directly link to these images by placing the URL to them in your web page or post. When you do that your stealing my sites bandwidth and that cost me money!

You must save them to your computer and then upload them to your own web space! I can tell it you have hot-linked to any images on this site and the link will be broken. So linking to any images on this site is a waste of your time.

The site is ever changing, check back often. It would just tickle me to death to see what you have done with anything you use from this site. So please feel free to Email me with the URL, or to ask any questions about setting up or using the graphic. Not that I will know the answer ... but will try.

I hope you enjoy this site .... I know I am!



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